Practice Areas

Criminal Defense Services

We have litigated numerous motions to suppress evidence in criminal cases based upon illegal searches and detentions by law enforcement not only in drug cases but also in driving under the influence cases. Every driving under the influence case is evaluated to determine the propriety of the officer's actions in detaining the motorist.

We also provide representation at DMV hearings where our clients driving privileges are endangered as a result of a DUI arrest.

Where appropriate pretrial criminal diversion programs, deferred entry of judgment and alternative sentencing programs are sought on behalf of our clients.

Representation is provided on all felony, misdemeanor, and traffic criminal matters including:

bullet Driving Under the Influence
bullet Spousal Abuse
bullet Child Abuse/Child Molestation
bullet Prostitution
bullet Narcotics/Drug Offenses
bullet Homicide
bullet Sexual Misconduct
bullet Theft/Embezzlement
bullet Assault
bullet Expungements
bullet Criminal Record Sealing